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Touchdown in London Town


Last weekend I paid a flying visit to London to visit one of my friends. I always love a trip to London and having one of my besties over there gives me a great excuse for a visit! Continue reading “Touchdown in London Town”


I took a quick photo as I was flying back to Dublin last night after a great weekend break in London. I was visiting one of my friends who lives over there and I always have such a great time when I go over! Looking forward to the next trip already. The clouds looked pretty amazing on my way home after a really nice weekend, so I thought I would share this photo. I’ll be doing a bigger post on what I got up to in London this week, so keep an eye out for that! Happy Monday all 😊

Outfit of the Day – Repeal the 8th


My Repeal the 8th tee arrived from The Hunreal Issues yesterday! I ordered this a couple of weeks ago as a small way of showing my support for repealing the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland. Continue reading “Outfit of the Day – Repeal the 8th”

The Monday blues are kicking in, but after spending a lovely time in Wexford this weekend I don’t think I can complain too much! Here’s a quick snap as we headed for a walk on the beach yesterday afternoon 😊

Why I’m getting laser eye surgery, when I never thought I would

Last week I made the very exciting (and somewhat daunting) decision to have laser eye surgery.

Continue reading “Why I’m getting laser eye surgery, when I never thought I would”

Off to the races!

This August Bank Holiday weekend a couple of friends and I headed to Galway for the races. We went on Saturday for just one night, it was a busy day but a lot of fun. I honestly don’t know how some people go to a few days of the festival, I was so tired on Sunday!

We did the Galway Races on a bit of a budget, so I thought I would share some of our day with you and the outfit that I wore, which also didn’t break the bank! Continue reading “Off to the races!”

Things to do in Dubrovnik

Should you go on holiday to Dubrovnik? My answer is a resounding yes! I recently went on holidays to Dubrovnik and I absolutely loved it.

My trip was for 10 days and some of my friends were surprised I wasn’t moving around Croatia more – my boyfriend and I opted to stay in Dubrovnik for our entire holiday rather than go to other places like Split, Hvar or Zagreb. While I plan on visiting these parts of Croatia on my next visit, I’m really glad we spent our whole trip in Dubrovnik as it was a great base for both exploring and relaxing. There’s lots of great things to do in Dubrovnik and I thought I would share some tips from my own holiday, which will hopefully be useful for anyone planning a short break or longer stay. 

DSC01106 Continue reading “Things to do in Dubrovnik”

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