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Should you have laser eye surgery?

For those of you that have been following my blog over the past few of months, you will know that I recently made the decision to have laser eye surgery. It’s now been almost three months since I had my surgery at Optilase, so I thought an update was due on how I’m finding life without glasses. Hopefully this post will also be of help to anyone who is on the fence about having laser eye surgery! Continue reading “Should you have laser eye surgery?”


Coping with the stresses of a busy schedule

As I’ve mentioned in some of my blog posts recently (which have been less frequent than I’d like!), I’m completing a part-time masters course in marketing while working full-time. While I’m definitely enjoying the course so far, I am finding the new busier schedule quite hectic and somewhat stressful. Continue reading “Coping with the stresses of a busy schedule”

Life lately, according to photos

While I’m getting used to my busier schedule of work and college I’ve sadly been neglecting my blog. To get back into the swing of things I thought I would share some photos I’ve snapped on my phone recently, to show what I’ve gotten up to in the last month! Continue reading “Life lately, according to photos”

Laser eye surgery – have I any regrets?

IMG_8399My essentials for the week, eye drops and shades!

Last weekend I had my laser eye surgery in Optilase and I am so glad that I did. Within just one day I went from having pretty poor eyesight to near 20/20 vision! I’ve had a couple of questions relating to my procedure, so I thought I would go through my prep and how I’ve been getting on in my first week post-surgery. Continue reading “Laser eye surgery – have I any regrets?”

Outfit of the Day – Repeal the 8th


My Repeal the 8th tee arrived from The Hunreal Issues yesterday! I ordered this a couple of weeks ago as a small way of showing my support for repealing the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland. Continue reading “Outfit of the Day – Repeal the 8th”

Why I’m getting laser eye surgery, when I never thought I would

Last week I made the very exciting (and somewhat daunting) decision to have laser eye surgery.

Continue reading “Why I’m getting laser eye surgery, when I never thought I would”

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