First off, apologies for my lack of posts lately – life has been pretty crazy lately between work, college and the run up to Christmas! Things are starting to wind down now, so I’m looking forward to taking some time to chill out over Christmas and see family and friends who may have forgotten what I look like 😉

In other news, the end of 2016 has been pretty exciting for me as I have just moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend. I’m really excited to do a bit of decorating over the Christmas break and put our stamp on the place. This also means that I’m now back living in Dublin which is ideal for work and college. I had been planning on doing a ‘how to’ guide in the new year for finding an apartment, as my boyfriend and I expected to be looking to find a place over a couple of months since the rental market is so crazy right now, but we were extremely lucky and found a place in a couple of weeks.

lamp_new_apartmentFunky lamp in the new pad – no idea where it’s from but I love it!

One thing I would say to people on the house hunt, especially renters like myself, is to go with your gut. If you get a good feeling when you first view a place and its surrounding area, I would say go for it. Of course, make sure the price isn’t extortionate and that everything in the place is in working order – shower, cooker, etc. Likewise, if you aren’t sure about a place I wouldn’t just settle for anywhere – you’re likely signing a lease for a year which can be a long time if the place isn’t really what you’re looking for, and it will also mean doing the dreaded house hunt in another year’s time. My boyfriend and I were very lucky as the apartment we have was one of the first places we saw. Before moving in I was slightly worried if we had rushed into it (as I had been the one most eager to take it), but as soon as we arrived, I knew we had made the right choice. It’s only been a couple of weeks and already it’s starting to feel like home!

I plan on making trips to IKEA and the new Penneys in Liffey Valley over Christmas to buy some things for the apartment, so will be sure to share any of my good finds on the blog. By the way, has anyone seen the new Penneys yet, isn’t it great? So big! I’m looking forward to properly checking out their homeware department – how grown up do I sound? 😉

I plan on doing a few more blog posts in the run up to Christmas but in the mean time I hope you’re all enjoying the festive season and making the most of the last few days in 2016!