While I’m getting used to my busier schedule of work and college I’ve sadly been neglecting my blog. To get back into the swing of things I thought I would share some photos I’ve snapped on my phone recently, to show what I’ve gotten up to in the last month!


Great Dublin Bike Ride

I took part in the GDBR early in September with my friend and her family and I really enjoyed it! I hadn’t trained properly for it (which I definitely wouldn’t advise by the way), but I was able to complete the 60km route without any major struggles. I was pleased that my natural fitness has improved so much since I started cycling, a couple of years ago I never would have been able to cycle 10km, never mind 60. Plus I got a medal at the end, which made the whole day feel like even more of an achievement.


Stationery sucker

Since I’m juggling a lot at the moment I thought I would invest in a really good planner, and I found this Life Book on amazon. It is really good and allows you to take notes for pretty much everything, as well as including pages on budgets, to do lists, and it even came with stickers! I absolutely love nice stationery and would 100% recommend this to any fellow stationery nerds out there.

Awards season

I went to a couple of events in September with work, the Pride of Ireland Awards and ADFX (big event in Ireland for the media industry). Both events were very different and also a lot of fun, and of course it was nice getting all dolled up for an evening! Here is a photo of myself and one of my work pals at ADFX. I bought this dress from Coast last year and it was a really good find, super comfy while also being quite classy.

Photo cred: ADFX website

Repeal the 8th

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the Dublin March for Repeal the 8th a couple of weeks ago, but I found all the videos and images of the thousands and thousands of people at the event so heart-warming. My brother and his girlfriend were able to go and kindly picked up this Repeal jumper for me which I plan on wearing to the march next year, although I really hope our government will have made a decisive move on a referendum by then.

Lovin’ Dublin

My boyfriend and I went to Oktoberfest last week before it finished up in Dublin and had such a fun evening over a few beers. I snapped this photo of the KPMG building as I thought the reflection in the water looked pretty great, and Lovin Dublin included it as one of its top 10 photos of the week! I was delighted, my little claim to fame, LOL 😉

Catch ups over coffee

I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee lately – well, what would be a lot of coffee for me at least! I’m getting quite into it and places like 3FE have great ranges of coffee for all tastebuds. Last Friday I met up with one of my best pals  over lunch and coffee in 3FE and it was so nice to catch up, a perfect way to kick off my weekend! I love a bit of coffee art, so took this quick pic before we tucked in.

That’s pretty much it! I hope to blog in more detail soon about managing working while attending college part time, and I think I’ll make these ‘Life lately’ posts more of a regular thing as well 🙂