What a month so far! This September has been an extremely busy one with Electric Picnic, work events and birthday celebrations (I turned 26 last weekend!). What has made it even busier is that I have decided to go back to school part time.

For the next two years, all going well, I will be completing a Masters in Marketing course while working full time, with classes taking place a couple of evenings a week. Lectures started this week and while it’s early days I’m really enjoying the course work so far. The tiredness, however, has hit in already!

My commute to work is over an hour at the moment, which means when I finish lectures in the evenings I won’t get home until about 11pm; 10.30 if I’m lucky. And, of course, setting aside a couple of evenings a week for lectures won’t be enough – there will also be group projects, assignments and exams to take into account. With work Monday-Friday, as well as occasional work events on in the evening, it’s going to be a busy couple of years! I’m still very much still settling in to my new routine and hope that soon I will have some tips and tricks to share for managing work and college life.

Right now I’m just excited for this new challenge as while I’ve worked in marketing since finishing in university, I don’t have any marketing qualifications. My background is in English and History, with more of a focus on English as I completed a masters in this after my undergrad course.

I think improving my knowledge of the field I’m working in now should be of great benefit to me and I’m looking forward to finding out more about the variety of topics that will be covered in my course.

So for now, wish me luck on my new adventure!


*Image: Studying by Steve S. (Flickr)