Last week I made the very exciting (and somewhat daunting) decision to have laser eye surgery.

For years I thought that laser eye surgery wouldn’t be for me. I’ve had glasses since I was 13 and I’ve always quite liked them. I was delighted when I got my first pair and could see what teachers were writing on the boards in school, as well as being able to wave to my friends without worrying if I accidentally waved at a surprised stranger (unfortunately that has actually happened!). In recent years I’ve enjoyed buying statement frames whenever I needed a new prescription to make my specs that bit more funky.

But over the last year I’ve started to find wearing glasses all the time a bit tedious. There’s no one big reason why I’ve decided to go under the laser, more a number of small reasons that have gotten bigger to me over time.

I go cycling quite regularly and always having to wear glasses isn’t ideal on a bike, especially in the rain – contacts aren’t much use to me cycling as they dry my eyes out completely which is a really uncomfortable feeling. Whenever I get out of the shower I almost always end up squinting around my room trying to remember where I last put glasses. And I’ve been wondering more and more what it would be like to wake up in the mornings and not have to put on glasses, but just see everything clearly around me. These are just some of the reasons why I decided to go for a consultation, to find out if I was eligible and if I wanted to really do it.

I decided to go to Optilase for my consultation, mainly because they offer them free of charge. I found the whole examination to be very thorough and the optometrist I had was great; she took the time to thoroughly explain the surgery to me and the costs, as well as answering any questions that I had. I was told that I was eligible for the surgery but wasn’t pushed to make a booking that day and was encouraged to think about it, which is important to do I think as it is such a big decision.

After thinking it over for the guts of a week I decided that the positives outweigh the negatives, and called Optilase to book myself in for surgery.

I honestly think I will miss my glasses in the beginning. People have told me regularly that they suit me, even more since I’ve decided to get laser eye surgery, typical! 😉 And having always liked my glasses the thoughts of not needing them anymore seems a bit strange to me right now. But I think now is the time to do it if I ever will and all of my friends and family think I’m making the right decision for me.

So I thought that I would share this eye adventure with you! The thought of the surgery kind of terrifies me, as I imagine it does for a lot of people, and I plan on documenting my surgery on my blog so that I might hopefully be of help to someone who’s considering it in the future.

My surgery is in a couple of weeks, so wish me luck, and stay tuned! 🤓