Should you go on holiday to Dubrovnik? My answer is a resounding yes! I recently went on holidays to Dubrovnik and I absolutely loved it.

My trip was for 10 days and some of my friends were surprised I wasn’t moving around Croatia more – my boyfriend and I opted to stay in Dubrovnik for our entire holiday rather than go to other places like Split, Hvar or Zagreb. While I plan on visiting these parts of Croatia on my next visit, I’m really glad we spent our whole trip in Dubrovnik as it was a great base for both exploring and relaxing. There’s lots of great things to do in Dubrovnik and I thought I would share some tips from my own holiday, which will hopefully be useful for anyone planning a short break or longer stay. 


Walk the Walls of Dubrovnik Old Town

Dubrovnik Old Town is one the most beautiful old towns I have seen to date. The main shopping street is very impressive and there are lots of cobbled side streets where you will find plenty of interesting shops and good restaurants. I would 100% recommend walking the walls of the Old Town, where you will get spectacular views of the town and its many orange rooftops – a lot of which were replaced in the early 1990s after the structural damage from the Croatian War. The walk takes about two hours altogether and if you’re visiting during high season I would recommend doing it in the evening time, at about 5pm, as it is VERY hot in the day and there is not much shade on the walls.


Lokrum Island

This was one of the highlights of our trip. Lokrum is easily accessed from the Old Town, it takes 15 minutes to get there by boat, which goes to and from the island every half hour during the high season. No one actually lives on the island, tourists and anyone working there are all gone by 7/8pm. We heard rumours that it’s haunted but this is unlikely 😉 it’s very rocky on parts of the island which would be very dangerous in the dark, so I think that explains it! We went for an afternoon but you could easily spend the whole day there. There is a spa on the island and a couple of places to eat, as well as lots of gorgeous sites (including peacocks and rabbits roaming freely across the island!) and plenty of places to sunbathe and swim. Even if you were only visiting Dubrovnik for a couple of days I would put this on top of your to do list.


Game of Thrones Tour

This is something for GOT nerds like myself, so I would only really recommend it for fans of the show. Dubrovnik Old Town is basically King’s Landing, with a lot of big scenes being filmed there from seasons 2-5. We went with Dubrovnik Walking Tours and it was really good. To take part in the tour you simply look for the guide with a red umbrella at the Great Onofrio Fountain and you can pay then and there. You can also book online, but it isn’t really necessary. Our guide, Tonka, was a massive fan of the show and was also an extra in a couple of scenes, so it was great having someone who knew about the goings on behind the screen. We were also brought to parts of the Old Town that we mightn’t have come across on our own, so this was an added bonus of the tour.


Day Trips

We found Dubrovnik to be a great base for day trips and included quite a few on our holiday. We went on a boat trip to the Elaphiti Islands, which was basically visiting nice sandy beaches on three different islands –  the majority of beaches in Dubrovnik are stoney. We also went on trips to Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia and Herzegovina was my favourite as we stopped at the stunning Kravice Waterfalls on our way to Mostar, which is a really interesting town with the famous bridge that locals (and even some tourists!) jump off into the river below. There are lots of tourists groups you can go with and it isn’t necessary to pre-book before your holiday, simply go to one of the many holiday agencies in the Old Town or near where you are staying; we were based in Lapad and could book a couple of trips from there.

Dubrovnik fish

Food – seafood and more

As it is along the coast, restaurants in Dubrovnik have lots of delicious seafood options – I’m now a bigger fan of mussels than I was before my holiday! Even if you aren’t big on seafood there are still lots of tasty food choices, like pizzas and pasta. Meat is a big part of Bosnian cuisine and there are plenty of meat dishes to try in Dubrovnik, if you feel like being a bit adventurous but not going fishy.

These are just some of the highlights from my trip, I hope you find them helpful and if you are planning your holiday to Dubrovnik, enjoy! ☺